Fire And Water
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- Andy Fraser, Free “On this album our confidence came from our total belief in each other. It was like a team of commandos where you knew we were all watching each other’s back.” - Andy Fraser, Free
Fire And Water

Release Information

Original Release Date:
June 1970
Produced by:
Free,John Kelly and Roy Thomas Baker
Recorded at:
Trident and Island Studios, London

Yes, this is the album with THAT song. ‘All Right Now’ was not only a mega hit at the time (reaching number two in the UK charts), but has become one of the songs to define this most creative era for rock music.

But anyone who believes that the album is a one trick pony really needs to go back and listen to it again – (all)right now. Because every song flows brilliantly, and has its own timbre and place. Far from a concept album, the way the tracks fit together is inspirational and rational.

You hear the smoothly controlled way in which the title song builds and you know you are in the presence of greatness. That was what Free did at their best. Never allowing a song to become breathless, there’s a steady momentum that borders on laziness, but also has an avowed and dedicated momentum.

This carries on throughout the album. It’s a masterclass from Free, as they finally become a band who had their own unmistakable identity and individuality. It’s here that a legend is truly born, with an album that reached number two in the UK and number 17 in America.

This is one of the finest of all blues-rock releases.


01. Fire and Water
02. Oh I Wept
03. Remember
04. Heavy Load
05. Mr. Big
06. Don't Say You Love Me
07. All Right Now

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