Free At Last
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- Paul Kossoff, Free “I love that album. It seems really ageless.” - Paul Kossoff, Free
Free At Last

Release Information

Original Release Date:
June 1972
Produced by:
Recorded at:
Morgan Studios, London

In some respects, this is a sad album. The band had actually broken up in April 1971, with no intention of ever working together again, But when it became obvious that Kossoff was suffering from major dug problems, brought on by the split in the band for who  he had so much affection,  it was decided to reunite the line-up, almost as a way of saving the guitarist’s life.

Under those conditions, it would be expected that ‘Free At Last’ would be anything but a decent album. However, against all the odds it turned out a lot better than expected or feared. Sure there are times when Kossoff’s erratic playing had to be covered by either Rodgers or Fraser playing piano. And there’s an melancholic air to some of the lyrics, possibly reflecting Kossoff’s state of mind. Yet, set against this is the fact that the band seemed to immerse themselves in a new style.

The swagger of old had gone, maybe unsurprisingly, but the new introspection not only suited the mood of the band, but also gave them a fresh direction to explore. And there is no way that songs like ‘A Little Bit Of Love’ were inferior to past glories.

The album got to number nine in the UK and number 69 in America.


01. Catch A Train
02. Soldier Boy
03. Magic Ship
04. Sail On
05. Travellin' Man
06. A Little Bit of Love
07. Guardian of the Universe
08. Child
09. Goodbye

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