Free From The Shadows
- Trevor Rabin “I loved Free. Grew up with it. Years later Paul invited me to play on his Muddy Water blues record, and play some gigs. I honestly feel he is the greatest British rock singer ever.” - Trevor Rabin
Free From The Shadows

Coming Soon in 2012

The story of Free is also the story of the pioneering spirit of hard rock as we know it. It says much for their influence and importance that Free’s legacy is regarded with veneration and adulation by so many young bands.

Although very much a blues rock band, what set Free apart from so many others in this sphere is that they were prepared to be inventive as well as being true to the tradition from which they grew. You can hear the band’s roots in the music and also appreciate the way they use these to develop their own timbre and style.

This is the ultimate Free collection – the whole musical story, which gives you an insight into the way they matured and progressed as well as a further appreciation for the way in which these individuals each remain giants. What this box set does is bring together all their recordings. The ones which built their reputation and also the less well known and renowned songs that help to define their enduring appeal. Their studio albums, outtakes and even rehearsal recordings are included. It’s the story of the band from beginning to end.


Tracklisting and further information will be available soon!

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