Free Live!
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- “Perhaps the best way to experience the band in all its glory.” -
Free Live!

Release Information

Original Release Date:
September 1971
Produced by:
Andy Johns
Recorded at:
Sunderland and Croydon

This live album was recorded in Sunderland and Croydon, places where the band had a strong following, during January and September 1970. Although only two tracks, namely ‘The Hunter’ and ‘All Right Now’, could be used from the Sunderland show, producer Andy Johns did use a lot of the crowd noises from that gig between tracks, to create a virtually seamless live experience.

Interestingly, the final song on the album is actually a studio recording, and is one of four they did before splitting up; the other three surfaced on the ‘Highway’ album. One of the pleasures of this album is that the original recordings were clearly not altered in the studio. Everything is heard as it happened on stage. And what it proves overall is that Free were a masterful live band.

‘Free Live!’ is a fine representation of how good the four were when in this environment and the enthusiastic crowd response is utterly authentic and sets the atmosphere for the whole event.

Because that’s what this album  is…a true event. Capturing FREE at their peak.


01. All Right Now
02. I'm a Mover
03. Be My Friend
04. Fire and Water
05. Ride on a Pony
06. Mr. Big
07. The Hunter
08. Get Where I Belong

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