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- Simon Kirke, Free “'Free' was a defining moment for the band.” - Simon Kirke, Free

Release Information

Original Release Date:
October 1969
Produced by:
Chris Blackwell
Recorded at:
Morgan Studios, London

Maybe it was a sign of how the band’s stock was steadily rising, but for this second album the producer was none other than Chris Blackwell, Island Records owner.

The most crucial thing here was the way in which the growing songwriting partnership between Paul Rodgers and Andy Fraser was beginning to take on the shape of greatness. Together, they wrote almost all of the original album’s songs, and these were certainly crucial in shaping the sound and style of the band.

There was now an interesting contrast between the discipline of Rodgers and Fraser and the more freeform sensibilities of Paul Kossoff. Under different circumstances, or with lesser talents, this would have been a disaster. Instead, it leads beautifully to a balance between the contrasts that coloured Free. If there were any tensions here, then they were channelled into making ‘Free’ a special album which took the band to a new level, and helped to establish their credentials as one of the primary shapers of the era.

Without this pivotal album, things would have been very different not only for Free, but also for rock music as it developed.

Free were now masters of their own destiny, and about to become a massive name.


01. I'll Be Creepin'
02. Songs of Yesterday
03. Lying in the Sunshine
04. Trouble on Double Time
05. Mouthful of Grass
06. Woman
07. Free Me
08. Broad Daylight
09. Mourning Sad Morning

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