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- John 'Rabbit' Bundrick "Working with Free, what can I say, Paul is the best singer in the world for me. Simon Kirke is one of the nicest guys in the business. He is a wonderful person. Tetsu was wonderful. Paul Kossoff, needless to say, was excellent.” - John 'Rabbit' Bundrick

Release Information

Original Release Date:
January 1973
Produced by:
Free and Andy Johns
Recorded at:
Island Studios, London

It was all change here, Fraser had gone, to be replaced by Tetsu Yamauchi, while John ‘Rabbit’ Bundrick came in to provide suitably stylish keyboard parts. This pair had previously played with Kossoff and Kirke in the short-lived Kossoff, Kirke, Tetsu & Rabbit project, which meant they had no problem fitting in.

To claim that the band were reborn here is a slight exaggeration. But, there’s no doubt that Kossoff is in scintillating form on some tracks, despite his ongoing health problems and his resentment of the fact that he band brought in session guitarist ‘Snuffy’ Walden to augment him. Listen to his solo on ‘Wishing Well’ and his playing throughout ‘Come Together In The Morning’ – it is among his most inspirational.

And despite losing his songwriting partner with Fraser’s departure, Rodgers’ writing (virtually now on his own)  is consistent and impressive. As are his vocals.

Andy John’s mix here brings out the eloquence of the music and the musicians, and makes this perhaps the best sounding of all Free albums.

‘Wishing Well’ was a big hit for the band, reaching number seven in the UK. The album made it to number nine in Britain, and number 47 in America.


01. Wishing Well
02. Come Together In The Morning
03. Travellin' in Style
04. Heartbreaker
05. Muddy Waters
06. Common Mortal Man
07. Easy on My Soul
08. Seven Angels

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