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- Simon Kirke, Free “I actually look at that album as another showcase of the band's new style of songs. There was real ability there.” - Simon Kirke, Free

Release Information

Original Release Date:
December 1970
Produced by:
Recorded at:
Island Studios, London

This album was recorded very quickly after the band’s triumphant performance at the Isle Of Wight Festival. However, the band were now in a very relaxed frame of mind. They’d gained the big breakthrough in their career and could now capitalise on it.

Again Rodgers and Fraser wrote the bulk of the material, seven of the tracks. And there was an ease here that comes across in the way that all four members perform. However, it was Kossoff, despite his infamous problems at the time, who sounds best of all. It’s as if he’d found a new level. The disappointment is that the band broke up after this, and later regrouped under stressful circumstances.

There are those who decry ‘Highway’, regarding it as being a lesser work than ‘Fire And Water’, but when you look at the track listing, how many of those songs instantly bring to mind the melody involved. These were songs of a high calibre and stature.

But, given the enormous success of what had gone before, nobody should be surprised that ‘Highway’ wasn’t a big a success, only getting to number 41 in the UK and 190 in the US. But don’t undervalue what’s here musically.


01. The Highway Song
02. The Stealer
03. On My Way
04. Be My Friend
05. Sunny Day
06. Ride on a Pony
07. Love You So
08. Bodie
09. Soon I Will Be Gone

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