Tons Of Sobs
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- Paul Rodgers, Free “’Tons of Sobs’ sounded really passionate, real bluesy.” - Paul Rodgers, Free
Tons Of Sobs

Release Information

Original Release Date:
March 1969
Produced by:
Guy Stevens
Recorded at:
Morgan Studios, London

The debut album from Free, and you can already here the sediment settling on a style of blues-rock that didn’t just draw from the past bur proved that they were going to be a major force.

Stevens’ production rightly kept everything minimalistic, allowing the expansive talents of the individuals here to shine through. Rodgers’ voice was already becoming a major part of the live scene in the UK, complemented by Paul Kossoff’s powerful yet evocative guitar playing. The fact that eight of these songs were originals was in stark contrast to, say, the Rolling Stones’ debut album a few years earlier. But it underlined that this young band were able to be self-contained, but were fully aware both of the scope they had in which to operate and also an affinity to the best way to combine the roots of their influences with the commercial needs of the time.

This is best shown by ‘The Hunter’, which would become one of the best loved of all Free songs. And everything here translated simply and effectively into the live environment.

Although the album failed to chart in the UK, in America it made the Top 200, making it to number 197.


01. Over the Green Hills (Pt. 1)
02. Worry
03. Walk in My Shadow
04. Wild Indian Woman
05. Goin' Down Slow
06. I'm a Mover
07. The Hunter
08. Moonshine
09. Sweet Tooth
10. Over the Green Hills (Pt. 2)

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